URGENT! Save Solar With Amendment 9

Thanks to all the hard work from solar advocates, Amendment 9 was added to the House budget draft by a vote of 68-33!

However, the bill will now need to be approved by a group of 3 House members and 3 Senators in a "conference committee" in order to be officially passed and sent to the Governor for final signature. 

With just a few clicks you can send a letter to all key legislators telling them to pass Amendment 9!

This amendment comes after a bill to save solar energy died a few weeks ago at the hands of utility-backed legislators. Big power utilities like Duke found a way to rig the system in its favor once again.

Thankfully, legislators who represent the interest of South Carolinians, not utilities, refuse to give up. We must ACT NOW to pass Amendment 9 in the House to save solar energy and protect thousands of solar jobs.

Tell House Legislators To Pass House Amendment 9!

Amendment 9 will prevent yet another energy crisis in South Carolina, opening the door for more energy choice with solar by expanding the state’s net metering program. Net metering is a billing mechanism that gives consumers fair retail credit for the power they send back to the grid and their neighbors. Take Action!

The same utilities that wasted billions of YOUR money on two failed nuclear power plants that will never produce energy are now trying to kill solar energy. Solar is one of the only ways to push back on the $27 per month that customers in some utility territories are paying for the debacle.

Enter your address so we can connect you with key state legislators. Thank you for taking action!



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I'm calling to request that the representative vote YES on Senate Bill 44.

Stop new taxes on solar.

Thank you!