Illinois Energy Policy Should Benefit All

Help Keep Solar Available for Residents Served by Municipal Utilities and Rural Electric Co-Ops

We are on the verge of a clean energy renaissance in Illinois, but action is needed to make sure some residents aren’t left out!

The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) passed in 2016, has been called the single most significant clean energy policy in the state’s history.

However, a proposal being considered by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) could mean that solar will be limited and only be available to some – not all – residents. The ICC is considering adopting a ComEd proposal, which would exclude residents served by municipal and cooperative utilities from receiving benefits of Future Energy Jobs Act.

That means that funding opportunities - like rooftop and community solar incentives and even the Solar for All Program - will not be available across much of Illinois. This would be devastating to solar development for many Central and Southern Illinois homeowners, businesses, and renewable energy companies.

In fact, unless ComEd's proposal is overturned, it would cut out almost 25 percent of electric customers in Central and Southern Illinois, excluding them from community solar projects and the widely applauded low-income solar program.

Please take a few moments and send a letter to the Commission today asking that the benefits of Future Energy Jobs Act is available to everyone in Illinois!




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