Tell Legislators To Pass House Bill 4421!

The South Carolina House Judiciary Committee passed House Bill 4421, sending the bill to the House floor for vote as early as NEXT WEEK!

House Bill 4421, the Energy Consumer Bill of Rights Act, will open the door for more energy choice with solar in South Carolina by expanding the state’s net metering program. Net metering is a billing mechanism that gives consumers fair retail credit for the power they send back to the grid and their neighbors.

State utilities wasted billions of YOUR money on two failed nuclear power plants that will never produce energy. Solar offers a way to push back on the $27 per month that customers in some utility territories are already paying for the debacle.

The failed nuclear plants also put roughly 6,000 people out of work with only two hours notice. Solar advocates have been warning policymakers for TWO YEARS about the 3,000 solar jobs at risk if the net metering cap isn’t lifted.


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