TEP, Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar!

TEP wants to make going solar on homes and businesses much more costly! How are they doing this? By proposing additional charges on solar customers totaling $25-$30 a month!

Last year, hundreds of TEP customers including the Tucson City Council spoke out in opposition to TEP's anti-solar proposal. Now TEP is back, asking for reduced solar credits and new high charges that make it harder to go solar for people in Tucson.

The Arizona Corporation Commission is accepting public input on this proposal. It is critical we speak out and tell our local leaders and the ACC to reject TEP's attack on solar. Enter your information to get started.

Here a few points to get your comment started: 

Let’s Protect Consumer Choice:

TEP wants to build and own more solar, which is good. But it’s extremely troubling that they don’t want anyone else to own solar. That’s anti-competitive, fails to recognize the important benefits of small local solar arrays, and limits choice for consumers.

Let’s Allow Solar Savings—Solar is an Opportunity:

TEP’s proposal does not consider the benefits rooftop solar customers provide to the grid and all ratepayers: Individual investments in rooftop solar benefit all Arizonans by increasing energy security and reliability, and reducing other utility spending, and help TEP meet its power requirements.

Let’s Encourage Local Jobs:

TEP’s proposal will hurt the local solar industry, a fast growing sector of good, clean local jobs (over 600 in Pima County alone). These are local jobs that cannot be outsourced. But if these anti-solar policies are adopted, they will hurt the local solar industry.

Let’s Invest in Our Environment for Future Generations:

Electricity production accounts for more than one-third of U.S. emissions that affect our air quality and public health costs. Rooftop solar does not need water to operate, making our grid more resilient.

Share Your Solar Story:

I have/want solar. I love it because _________________. I want my (friend, family member, etc.) to be able to install solar in the future.


First, enter your information so we may find your local and state representatives. You will then have a chance to write your comment to the ACC, and customize your comment to local officials. 

Once you enter your information, you will be able to customize your letters.

*You'll receive a call that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for sending your comment to the ACC and speaking out for a better energy future.


Join solar advocates at the Solar Power(ed) Happy Hour from 5-7pm on June 6th at Sky Bar. More details here.

Solar Power Happy Hour

Sky Bar, 436 N 4th Ave, Tucson



Start sharing this event and mark your calendars for June 26th, where we will need to stand before the Arizona Corporation Commission and demand solar choice! 

TEP Public Hearing, Public Comments

ACC, 400 W Congress St, Tucson

Begins at 10am


Thank you and keep up the great work!

Kelly and the TASC Team 

Here are some talking points to help you form your public comment on TEPs proposal:

TEP’s demand charge scheme makes it almost impossible to control high charges. Demand charges are additional charges that could result in higher bills even if you use less electricity. It's like being charged for your most expensive dinner every night of the month.

TEP’s proposal will kneecap the Arizona solar industry and local job growth. Demand charges and the elimination of net metering have already shown to eliminate growing solar markets in the US, in both Nevada and SRP. UNS’s requests both.

TEP’s proposal will eliminate local Arizona jobs. Solar brings jobs, innovation and competition to sunny Arizona. TEP’s proposal denies Arizona's fair energy choice and access to solar energy.

TEP's proposal is not based on persuasive data. The proposed discriminatory fees, rate design and elimination of the most fundamental solar policy comes before the Arizona Corporation Commission has even studied the benefits of solar.

TEP is requesting a rate hike at the same time its proposal would undermine our ability to save with solar.

I support rooftop solar because solar...allows us to take control over our electricity bills, Creates good local jobs in our community, Creates more clean energy in our community, Finally gives us a choice where our electricity comes from.